As followers of Jesus, what do we experience when we hear the words “faith and science”? For many of us, we may feel a tension—as if these terms were contradictory. Others of us may bristle as we recall the decades-long “battles” surrounding the origins debate. In fact, some of us may be tempted to avoid the subject altogether because we fear that it may create division among Christians. The problem, however, is that—on origins and a host of other social issues—the seeds of division have already been sown. Not only that, they have sprouted, grown large, and choked out much of the Church’s witness to the wider world.

As followers of Christ, we can no longer ignore this. What we need is a new conversation. Could we imagine a new way of pursuing truth together that transforms us to love God and one another more? Could we have a faith and science conversation that builds community, expands our knowledge, and deepens our faith? And could we do this even if we don’t agree on every issue?

On January 27, 2017, Front Range Christian School will host a 2-stage symposium sponsored by the Colossian Forum and the Veritas et Caritas Institute. During the day, students from across the Denver area will come together to explore the topic of origins with two eminent scientists and followers of Christ, Dr. Todd Wood and Dr. Darrel Falk. Then, in the evening, adults (and students who could not attend during the day) will also be able to join them in this new kind of conversation. Our hope is that this event will help churches and schools across the Front Range to better understand not only issues of faith and science, but also the unity that can be found among a people convinced that “all things hold together in Christ” (Colossians 1:17).

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