Good Saturday morning Hope!

Though things are not all heavenly as we live between the first and second arrivals of our King, one of the many ways we can experience the joy of his kingdom is through celebration (i.e. the report of the one thankful leper whom Jesus healed in Luke 17:11-19). As I consider our community called Hope, I’m thanking Jesus this morning for…

  • His abiding presence in each of us who are His followers.
  • The great reports of how many of you are following Jesus and walking alongside others to do the same at work, school, home and everywhere. These opening times of our Discipleship Groups when you testify are so encouraging!
  • The carefully considered improvements in our Children’s Ministry and the way our kids’ leaders are lovingly and thoughtfully leading us in these next steps.
  • The prayerfully selected and prepared songs of praise we sing together that inspire me to sing throughout the week.
  • The idea of our building becoming a relational disciple making campus now becoming a reality. In addition to Hope, two other churches are meeting here and our 2nd floor West Wing (a shared space for churches and non-profits) has been remodeled and is in full use throughout the week.
  • The thoughtful behind the scenes work of our facility team in partnership with an engineering firm to plan for future upgrades (including handicap access, safety improvements, functional adjustments and beautification) for our Sanctuary, restrooms, classrooms and entry areas.
  • The soon completion of the school year for so many of you who have loved God with your heart, mind, soul and strength in anticipation of summer break.
  • The meals you share, rides you provide, homes you open and endless ways you share your resources with one another (and neighbors) in times of need. Seriously, thank you God for filling your people with so much love!
  • 150 kids (more than double last year) signed up for June 12-16 Kids’ Camp who will learn about our great God who loves them in the midst of, in many cases, very tough young lives.
  • Clearer and clearer church-wide communications through our beautiful web site, bulletins and bi-weekly newsletters.
  • Our care team who show up at just the right time with just the right heart to serve in just the right way. It means so much and Jesus sees!
  • The gatherings in homes and on Hope’s campus throughout the week in which so much love, prayer and encouragement to follow Jesus in all areas of life is taking place. And, the value of branching in our groups so we can provide more of these spaces for more people in the days ahead.
  • Students gathering each week for fun, encouragement and mentoring to help them live with and follow Jesus at school and everywhere.
  • The way Jesus Himself is meeting with us and unexpectedly freeing so many of us through our expanding ministry of listening, transforming and freeing prayer.
  • Apprenticing in many of your work environments and throughout Hope’s leadership.
  • Partnerships with several individuals and families who have responded to Jesus’ call to bring His hope to other nations and the way they (like Janet Guizzetti bringing young Mo to the States for heart surgery) are showing Jesus’ sacrificial love to so many in need.
  • And so many of you serving and giving your first fruits which is keeping this ship sailing in these and so many more ways.

Thank you Jesus and thank you church family!