Lent is the 40-day season that precedes Holy Week. This year, Lent takes place from Wednesday, February 14 through Thursday, March 29. Lent is a time when the historic and universal church seeks to walk with the Holy Spirit, depending upon Him to deepen our relationship with God. We are so pleased to be uniting together with Bloom Church this year during Lent and Holy Week in the following ways.

    • During the 5 Sundays of Lent (2/18 – 3/18) the preachers from both churches will be speaking on living lives of prayer from the same passages from the Psalms. While the preachers and message shapes of the Hope’s and Bloom’s sermons will be different, the preachers in both churches will be emphasizing coming into the presence of God through prayer in a way that goes beyond dutiful ritualistic prayer and into the mysterious realm of intimately relating with God in days of gladness and darkness, being fully known by God and growing in our knowledge and experience of Him.
    • Bloom will be hosting three special services and they have invited us to join them. These services are Ash Wednesday (2/14), Maundy Thursday (3/29) and Good Friday (3/30). All three services will begin at 7:00 pm.
    • Bloom will publish a Lenten devotional and make it available on their website.
    • Finally, on Easter morning, we will unite to host two resurrection services. The first will be at 9 am downstairs in the Reception Hall and the second will be upstairs at 11 am in the Sanctuary. The two Easter morning services will be identical, and they will be facilitated by staff and volunteers from both communities. Childcare will be provided at both services.