Our mission is to provide hope in Jesus’ name.

Jesus makes it clear that his mission is about restoring our relationship with God, each other, and anyone we encounter on a day-to-day basis. So we unite with His mission through creating environments and providing resources to cultivate our relationships with God, one another, and our neighbors. That is why, when you enter the sanctuary at Hope, you’ll see three large, interlocking circles on the wall with the words “God,” “One Another,” and “Our Neighbor.” This visual display serves as a notice and reminder of the mission of Hope.

We firmly believe that we can only provide hope to other people if we’re committed to regularly and deeply receiving from our loving God, since he is the one who created us and is the ongoing source of life. Our desire is to learn and experience his heart for us, discover how each of us can reach our full potential, and encourage each other along the way.

We extend the invitation to join this mission regardless of where anyone is at on their spiritual journey. We are devoted to serving neighbors, listening to skeptics, walking with seekers, and equipping believers.

Our Vision

We envision our neighbors, whether skeptical, seeking, or believing
Experiencing an authentic, joyful, listening community
United in providing hope
Through unexpected acts of service and love

We envision our neighbors who are skeptical of Jesus and/or of Christians
Having their legitimate basis of doubt heard and affirmed
While they encounter a church without walls
That provides surprising evidence, challenges assumptions, and pushes their inquiry forward

We envision our neighbors who are seeking and have an interest in Jesus
Experiencing a safe, relevant, engaging place
To belong, build friendships, and grow in understanding
On their journey to finding hope in Jesus

We envision our neighbors, and those in the Hope family, who believe in Jesus
Being encouraged and equipped to live in a close, obedient, life-long relationship with Him
So that they can joyfully use their gifts
To join in providing hope in Jesus’ name

In the end, we envision and pray that:
God will be glorified
Our neighbors across the street and around the world will find hope in Jesus Christ, and
Our Earth will look more like Heaven!

We Value

Unity that comes from our common journey toward and commitment to providing hope in Jesus’ name

Freedom that allows each individual to uniquely express and direct their spiritual growth and development, their service to others, and how they experience community here;

Relational Intimacy that comes from the experience of authentic friendship, mentorship, and apprenticeship;

Personal Responsibility that comes from the conviction that God gives each individual extraordinary ownership over their days here on Earth; and

Correct Identity that comes from knowing the breadth and depth of God’s story, and how he has uniquely made each of us to play a perfectly-designed part in the fulfillment of his story, for his glory.