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A New Kid’s Ministry Strategy

by Hope Community Church

Hope’s Kid’s Ministry continues to make major strides in the following areas: safety for children, coaching for volunteers, team leadership, focused discipleship for children, and hospitality for new families. We are moving into the new ministry year with a fantastic new curriculum, high quality safety standards, and a clear focus on relational disciple-making among our […]

A Relational, Disciple-Making Campus

by Hope Community Church

Dear Hope, Before ascending, Jesus summoned His followers to live in His presence and power in order to go love everyone in action and word, baptize those who turn to Him and train as many as possible to obey His commands which He summarized as love for God and neighbor. This way of life He […]

Things to Celebrate

by Hope Community Church

Good Saturday morning Hope! Though things are not all heavenly as we live between the first and second arrivals of our King, one of the many ways we can experience the joy of his kingdom is through celebration (i.e. the report of the one thankful leper whom Jesus healed in Luke 17:11-19). As I consider our […]

New Check-in Procedure for Children Starts May 21

by Hope Community Church

The Children’s Ministry Team is excited to announce a new check-in procedure for children. Beginning May 21st, parents will use a digital kiosk to check in their kids, and kids will wear a label that matches the parents’ receipt. The new system will improve the check-in and check-out process for parents and will give the […]

Holy Week Without the Holy One

by Hope Community Church

by Pastor Dean With unexpected developments around the world, expanding traffic around our city, and increasing pressures upon our lives, it is likely that we could walk through Holy Week without the Holy One. So, God invites us to come to Him each day to cast our cares, be still and know that He is […]

Listening to Teenagers

by Hope Community Church
listening to teenagers

by Arik Stewart, Youth & Business Pastor At Hope Community Church we are currently in a sermon series entitled, “Listening to Others: The Way of Jesus in a Distracting World.” Though much of our dialogue about this topic has taken place corporately on Sunday mornings during the service, we have heard of numerous discussions elsewhere: smaller groups […]

Thank You from Dean for 2016 Financial Contributions

by Hope Community Church

Dear Hope, One of the many ways we who follow Jesus worship God is by giving offerings. Thank you and may God bless all of you who give sacrificially and consistently each month of the year. Also, in December we asked you to pray and consider giving an extra end of the year gift. You did so and God led many of you to […]

Origins: A grace-filled conversation about creation 

by Hope Community Church
Origins Event

As followers of Jesus, what do we experience when we hear the words “faith and science”? For many of us, we may feel a tension—as if these terms were contradictory. Others of us may bristle as we recall the decades-long “battles” surrounding the origins debate. In fact, some of us may be tempted to avoid the […]

A Request & Thank-You Note from Dean

by Hope Community Church

Dear Hope Family, As many of you know, December is an important financial month for our church. For the past few years, we have been blessed to finish each ministry year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31) in a cash positive position. The charts below illustrate that this is because so many of you give generously […]