If you are facing emotional pain, grief, anxiety, anger, addiction or any other ongoing struggle and would like to experience the true freedom that only Jesus can offer, you are invited to meet one-on-one with a trained Inner Healing Prayer Facilitator who will help you uproot the deeper cause and experience true healing through an authentic encounter with Jesus.

Contact Dana Yost (dana@hopechurchdenver.org) to set an appointment with one of our facilitators.

General Information

Inner Healing Prayer Ministry is provided on a donation basis. If you are able to donate, ask your facilitator for more details. If you are unable to donate, you are still welcome to come receive ministry!

Enter from the alley off of Colorado Ave. and park in the small parking lot on the back western side of the building.  Ring the doorbell on the double doors for the person you are scheduled to see.

What to Expect
Most prayer sessions last between 1-2 hours. You can come once or many times depending on your circumstances and desire. A trained facilitator will ask questions to help identify the root cause of your struggle and then will facilitate a conversation with the Lord and help you tune in to His voice.

Statement of Understanding – Dana Yost
Statement of Understanding – Anna McMichael

What is Inner Healing Prayer?

Hope’s Inner Healing Prayer Ministry is based on the idea that our pain and struggles are often caused by false beliefs that we hold deep inside our heart, often without us knowing. By inviting Jesus to reveal the truth directly to our heart, we can uproot the false belief and be healed from the pain. This process doesn’t merely help people cope with pain; it uncovers the deeper cause and allows true healing and emotional freedom. 

Prayer Ministry relies completely on Jesus to communicate to the person’s heart in a way that only He can. When Jesus steps in as our counselor we experience the complete freedom, healing and inner peace that only God Himself can provide!

Godly counsel, discipleship, and studying God’s word are all essential to the Christian life, but we often have barriers that prevent us from hearing directly from God. Prayer Ministry can help remove barriers and facilitate two-way conversations with God, who longs to reveal His healing truth, His amazing grace and His infinite love to His children. When we hear directly from God, the truth sinks down into our hearts and leads to real, lasting change.

Prayer Ministry helps people connect with the presence of Jesus and receive his truth, healing and hope! Please contact us if you would like to schedule a prayer session or if you would like to come in to learn more.

Dana Yost, Prayer Ministry Director
303-744-1026 ext. 306

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