Millions of people don’t know the good news that Jesus is King with all authority over the universe who loves them, died for them, rose to live with them, has a purpose for them and promises a restored future for them and the whole world. Most of these people live on islands and continents far away but some live as refugees right here in Denver. Today we will discover how Paul was brought unexpectedly to the island of Malta in order to show the Maltese people who Jesus is and what His kingdom looks like. We will also meet Ben Sooy who, along with his wife, was unexpectedly brought to Denver to be with and love refugees who would otherwise have been isolated from the knowledge of the love of God. Could it be that part of God’s plan is to direct all Christ-followers unexpectedly to places and people, near and/or far, whom we may have never imagined for the same reason He did this for the Apostle Paul and the Sooys?