Sermons by Craig Broek

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Acts 9:32-43 | God’s Kingdom Growing


The pervasive impact of God’s kingdom continues to change lives. Saul has become Paul and instead of breathing murderous threats, he now speaks boldly in the name of the Lord. The book of Acts now picks up again on the mission work of Peter and we see how both powerfully and ordinarily God’s kingdom grows – through the amazing acts of healing and raising the dead, as well as the humble acts of service. In the presence of everyday life, the kingdom comes.

Thin Spaces (Luke 24:13-35)


All of us, no matter our status of faith, encounter times when it seems Jesus is far away. In this post-resurrection account, we find two travelers literally experiencing just that. Suddenly Jesus himself appears and as he walks with them, unbeknownst to them, Jesus listens to their hopes and dreams and disappointment, revealing a pattern […]