Sermons by Jay Oertli

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What the World Needs Now (Acts 2)


The heroes of the Old Testament that Pastor Kaskubar presented two weeks ago delivered the messages God gave them for their day, but they were unable to make out the future and see clearly how God would provide salvation from sin and its consequences for the human race (Hebrews 11:13). If they stepped into a time machine and saw what happened in Acts 2, they would be amazed to find that God created the church through the Holy Spirit’s power to be the vehicle for reaching out in love to a lost world with wonderful resources at our disposal.

Confidence and Caution (1 Peter 5:5-11)


In times of persecution, God has a vision for our lives. In this message, Pastor Jay Oertli relays God’s plan for us to have two essential responses: confidence in God and caution concerning our enemy the devil who would love to destroy us.